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Insights Discovery
"It's like I can suddenly see others in all of their colors."

~ Maria, Workshop Participant

The Insights Discovery® Method

Insights Discovery® stands out as a trusted tool for personal and team development, helping teams, leaders, and organizations who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Through its easy to apply 4-color model, you and your team will learn how to speak the color language during the workshop and have better conversations right away.

Especially in tricky situations, the ability to discuss diverse behaviors and communication styles is a valuable asset. Insights Discovery supports individuals and teams in your organization, empowering them to build stronger connections and operate with enhanced effectiveness in their roles.

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Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile

The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a helpful tool, sparking a journey of self-awareness and understanding. Use this detailed report as catalyst for self-reflection and personal growth and explore how it can help you, your team and your organisation learn how to create a positive, more harmonious and successful work environment.

The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile contains info on

  • personal communication style

  • individual team value

  • potential blind spots that may arise from personal preferences

  • how to improve strategies for dealing with others more effectively

  • suggestions on personal development

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

~ C.G. Jung

"Laura is both a remarkable person and teacher, holding a unique gift of observation and clarity of expression. Her personal experiences in dealing with challenges and opportunities provide varied solutions for individuals and teams. Laura has a sense of where adversity becomes opportunity, offering knowledge and proven methodologies in heightening client confidence through increasing self-awareness. She builds trust through her interest with others."


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